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Sunrise at Merapi Mountain, Jogjakarta

Merapi is the highest mountain in Java n the most active mountain too.  The most interesting trip to go there must b seeing sunrise on the top.  But actually its not really on the top, coz since the explosion at 2010, we cannot climb to the top of the mountain.  Too dangerous.

The spot to see the sunrise is 4 km from the top.  Seems quite far when we saw the top of the mountain.  Honesty i m not sure it was 4 km from the top, if our tour guide didnt convince us.

We were not hiking.  We used a jeep going there.  1 jeep for 4 person plus a driver.  We were with Merapi 86 Jeep Community.  I heard that they r a founder of going up to the top of Merapi by jeep.  N they r really profesional.

Sadly, it was big rainy.  We couldnt see the sunrise.  Thanks God we could see the top of the mountain.  There's a bunker there.  It was build as a shelter from the hot cloud which is call "wedus gembel"  but when Merapi exploded in 2004 there was 2 mans in there died because of the hot lava.  They couldnt survive.  They r just like roasted on there.  Really really sadly...

The route was seeing the sunrise then going to see the alien rock then to museum.  Please dont think it was the easy trip.  U should come n feel the sense of going to the mountain by the jeep.  It was just like shaking....  But it was great trip....  Our life is on our driver's hand.  So...  I should thanks to our driver who bring us safely back to the camp.  

Since we were not catch the sunrise, i think i should go back there someday later....

4 km's from Merapi


Alien Rock

U can see someone face when u take a picture of the rock.  Its hard to imagine that when u saw the rock...

Museum Merapi

Actually, this is not really a museum.  It is a house which is destroyed at the 2010's eruption.  The owner open the small shop in front of the house.  We dont need to pay the entry ticket.  But they put a box for us to put some money there.  


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