Senin, 29 Juni 2015

Historical Tour, Jakarta

This is my second time joining the "Sahabat Museum" going around the historical place in Jakarta.

Today we will go around "Tanah Abang" area in Center of Jakarta.  The meeting point is at Museum Prasasti.  I knew bout the museum but since never know the location then i never been here before.

Mostly the museum has a thousand of a grave monuments of the Dutch Colonial...  Must b creepy being here by myself...  hhhiii.....

They r inviting the speaker who has a grand grand mother who lives in Tanah Abang.  His grand grand mother's grave is here in Prasasti Museum.  

 Then we went to several place.  We were going out of the museum n went to the 1st car dealer in Jakarta, which changed to the restaurant now.  But they r still keeping the building architecture.

Then we continued going to Tanah Abang area by walking n bus.  Meanwhile they were showing the old picture of the area.

We were going to some old house that r using for the commercial purposes too now//

Last trip is visiting "Budi Kemuliaan" hospital.  

Overall the trip was not bad.  I m enjoying it...

Minggu, 28 Juni 2015

City Walking Tour, Hanoi

Handling the map, we were going for walking tour.  It was very hot.  Walking in Hanoi made me really sweat.  But we were very happy coz we saw many things.

Hoan Kim Lake

The lake is not really big with the small temple in the middle of the lake.  U will see many kind of the activites here.  People doing the exercise every morning n evening, just sitting around, sleeping n even making pre wedding pictures.

Since our hotel is around the lake, we had a chance to see the lake at night, quite beautiful with the light...

Musouleum Ho Chi MInh

This is the place where the tourist have to go.  This is the place where Uncle Ho, who is the pioner of the Vietnam's freedom.

The mausoleum is not open every day not every hour too.  There is so many guard.  We couldnt bring anything while entering the mausoleum.  N the guard is paying attention with the way you walk too.  Your hands should on your side.  Wow....

If u want to visit here, please make sure the day n please come very early...

Imperial Citadel 

Its a big castle with the open air.  Please make sure u r bringing an umbrella or hat going around this place.

Lenin Park

Its just one of the green area in Hanoi with the Lenin Statue...  Nice