Senin, 29 Juni 2015

Historical Tour, Jakarta

This is my second time joining the "Sahabat Museum" going around the historical place in Jakarta.

Today we will go around "Tanah Abang" area in Center of Jakarta.  The meeting point is at Museum Prasasti.  I knew bout the museum but since never know the location then i never been here before.

Mostly the museum has a thousand of a grave monuments of the Dutch Colonial...  Must b creepy being here by myself...  hhhiii.....

They r inviting the speaker who has a grand grand mother who lives in Tanah Abang.  His grand grand mother's grave is here in Prasasti Museum.  

 Then we went to several place.  We were going out of the museum n went to the 1st car dealer in Jakarta, which changed to the restaurant now.  But they r still keeping the building architecture.

Then we continued going to Tanah Abang area by walking n bus.  Meanwhile they were showing the old picture of the area.

We were going to some old house that r using for the commercial purposes too now//

Last trip is visiting "Budi Kemuliaan" hospital.  

Overall the trip was not bad.  I m enjoying it...

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