Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Sus Karim

Suzuki Karimun, that's my car.  I called her SUS KARIM.  That's her ID wherever she go.  Her ID at the Karimun Club Indonesia n for all my friend.  She is my 1st car.  I bough them with very hard working.  Cent by cent with many sweat.  I love her so much that's why i m always making her very healthy.  

10 years she is always be with me.  In sadness n happiness.  The best place for me to scream n to cry.  She is my castle.

10 years is the time to release her. She made me tired with her problem.

18 August 2014, finally she left me.  I never know when will see her again.  But she is always in my heart, my mind.  She wrote many sweet times of my book life.  I will always remember her forever in my life.  I LOVE U with all my heart even u just a car...  even u dont have a spirit...  See ya Sus Karim...  Just hoping that oneday i will see u again with someone who will love u as much as i do....

August 17, 2014

August 17 is the special day for Indonesian.  Our Independence Day.  The biggest day for Indonesian.  Everybody is being exited waiting the day.  Usually they held many kind of competition.  From the town to the village.  Even at jalan Jaksa, backpackers area, we can see on TV that many tourist joining the traditional competition.

Astra held so many competition too.  All the employee advised to join the event.  Fun Aerobic, bakiak, singing n yel yel competition.  Everybody enjoying the event so much.  

Guess what...  I got 3rd place for the Fun Aerobic competition... wow... Something that i never imagine...