Selasa, 22 April 2014

Madam Tussaud, Bangkok

Only here we can have a picture with 1st Indonesian's President.  So u should come here n take a picture with him.

Nothing is different with Madam Tussaud at other country.  Only few actor or artists different.




I just saw the news about the online shop investigation on TV few weeks ago.  Now...  they got me.  I bough 3 things last month at LIVINGSOCIAL.COM.  I paid just few minutes later after buying n go for the payment confirmation just after that.

I just realized that my things has not come yet last week.  I tried to contact them by phone no success.  They didnt even pick up the phone.  Then i tried to send the email but then i got the reply that the email address changed...  Currently, i sent email reminder about that everyday n guess what....  NO REPLY till today.  LIVINGSOCIAL.COM is A CHEATER!!!

Senin, 21 April 2014

Terminal 21, Bangkok... Its a toilet trip...

Its very interested Mall.  Each level has different theme of country.  The most interesting place is their toilet.  Its representing the country of the level.  But the last 2 levels of the mall only representing 1 country.  Coz they put the "Golden Gate" at the centre n it takes 2 levels.

So..  lets take a picture at all the toilet of each level...  Its a toilet trip... :D