Senin, 29 Desember 2014

Old Town, Hoi An, Vietnam

We had a chance to visit Hoi An.  The old town of Vietnam.  If u r interest with the old town, then u should visit this town.

We just walking to the city center then u can see old building, old temple along the road.  That's very nice.  Every house seems similar...  But every house has their own story.  Before walking along the road the we should have a map of the road so then we can decide which one should be visited.

At the end of the road, there is a bridge.  I m sorry that i forgot the name of the bridge n i lost the map.  

I assure u that u should visit Hoi An and walking along this road.  Seeing the old building n shopping can do here...

Vietnam's Art Traditional Performance, Hoi An, Vietnam

When we r walking at the old town street we found the place where we can see the art traditional performance.  Lucky us that today there will b a performance.  

Its not really impressing performance.  They r just singing n dancing.  The dancing story is about the fisherman.  Hhhhmmmm... not so bad.  If u really want to see the traditional performance of Vietnam so dont hesitate to see this performance.

Table Mountain, Hoi An, Vietnam

Actually we went up the hill to see the Table Mountain.  We didnt go to the Table Mountain.  The hill with the Table Mountain View.  Going up to the hill which is a temple we have to take an elevator.  It was very nice to see the view from the hill.  Unfortunately, i forgot the name of the hill...  oooppsss...  sorry.

Minggu, 21 Desember 2014

Its My Day

After few years doing "runaway birthday" finally i have to have a birthday at work.  I just had myomas removal so then my birthday date, december 19, 2014 is my 2nd day back to work.

My companies friends surprising me....  they gave me birthday cake complete with the candles.   Its so touching i cannot hold my tears.  Thanks all...  i love u all....  Thanks for your support n many wishes for me...  same wishes for you all.  At the end of 2014...  let us wish b healthy... b happy n the best for us in the next year...  Amin...

Selasa, 16 Desember 2014

Sun Rise at Myson, Hoi An, Vietnam

There were so many tour package at the Hoi An.  But the most interesting is "Myson Sunrise".  Myson is a name of the mountain.  We should spelling mison not mayson.  Its halfday tour.  

The car of the agent picked up up around 03.00 am at the hotel.  Then we stopped by at their office for breakfast...  Early breakfast actually.  We were around 15 person with a tour guide.

Actually, i didnt exited with the tour.  I though we will see the sun rise in between the temple but there was no sunrise here...  Hhhiikksss....