Selasa, 02 Desember 2014

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

We went to Ha Long Bay by 1 day tour with 1 of the agent that we found not fat from our hotel.  Actually we just choose, never know whether the agent is good or not.

They picked us up early morning at the hotel.  The we picked other participants at their hotel.  

I think Ha Long Bay is just like Raja Ampat in Indonesia.  N i m sure Raja Apat is more beautiful than here.  Unfortunately the cost to Raja Ampat is more expensive than going to Ha Long Bay.

The weather is not good today.  Its cloudy.  So we couldnt see the view as well.  We droped at 1 of the cave n have a tour inside the cave.  N passed fishing farmer too.  We had lunch at the boat.  Please remember to b careful always with the "halal food".

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