Selasa, 21 April 2015

Hey....I got the Allergy

Its been a month my afternoon to morning i have itching around my body...including my face n my head sometimes.

My surgery's doctor send me to take an allergy test.  After a week without any anti hystamin medicine, i went to dr indrajana's allergy clinic at tanah abang 3.

The nurse offering me 2 kind of allergy test; food n drink or medicine.  I was choosing food n drink only.  Coz i though my allergy must come from that.

First i had a blood n urine check.  Then i got skin test.  They put 35 kinds of the things that r common for the allergy.  N the reason is really bad.  Mostly my favourite foods n drinks made me itching.

The doctor gave me a card for my guidence.  The 2 level means i can eat or drink but not everyday.  The 3 level means i have to avoid...  just 1 kind of food n 1 kind of drink that 1 have to avoid but those r my favourite....  Aaarrrggghhh.....