Senin, 30 Desember 2013

Big Budha, Phuket

Its just like Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali.  Budha's statue on the top of the hill.  It hasnt finish yet.  But its quite beautiful...

We should go back there when its finish...

Dont forget not to wear short pants to go there or u should rent sarong.


Minggu, 17 November 2013


Its a new tourism park in Sentul - Bogor Area.  Its a kind of Ancol Fantasy World.  So many playing ground with the adrenalin games.  

They said its a widest park n in fact its really wide.  A kids must b have fun in this area.  Actually we were not really going around the park.  Since it was a big rains.  Its a a rainy season at the rainy town...  So no wonder there will always rain everyday.  

They entry ticket is quite expensive.  But its will b worth when all the park finished.


Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013

Easter Belitung Trip

Santos from Jejak Kaki announced the invitation from East Belitung local government to visit their tourism area.  We just have to submitt our name, phone number n hobby.  I didnt have much expecting when submitting the registration.  But lucky me...  Last minute, about 2 days before leaving i got the confirmation that my name is including the list.  

We just have to buy our ticket which is coordinated by Santos.. (hhhmmm...thanks a lot to u..:D) n we'll have 4 days/ 3 nights free traveling in East Belitung...  Yyyyiipppiii....

We were taking Siriwijaya air with the normal price, i think...  with the prize IDR 1.175.600.  Leaving for Belitung on Sept. 2013, 23 morning n back to Jakarta on Sept. 2013, 26 morning.

We were about 40 participants.  The committee picked us up with 2 small bus.  These bus was being our transportation during the tour.  Bujang n Dayang picked us up too.  They r just like Abang n None in Java.  

If we browsed "Belitung", the result is always "Belitung West, which is Pulau Lengkuas with the Lightning in there, beaches with the big stones etc.  But nothing for the East Belitung.  Honesthy West Belitung is more beautiful than East Belitung.  


Here is the place if u wanna have an outbound activity.  The hill with the lake view.  So nice...but currently we r in hot season so the weather is very very hot n dry.


She is the Kindness God.  But we were not lucky because its closed already.  They said there is a fortune teller in there.  Especially your love love.


its a place for tin mining.  Because of the exploration, the area is become a kind of the lake with the blue or green water.  Its looking good but its not good for the environment.


All the beaches has a white n soft sands.  The beach has a big stones too but not as much as West Belitung beaches.  Only Bukit Batu beach which is managed n owned by 'Bupati' that having many big stones.  N only Punai beach which is ready for the tourism.  The beaches in East Belitung are :

- Tambak
-  Burung Mandi
-  Bukit Batu
-  Nyiur Melambai
-  Serdang
-  Punai

And dont forget about the lake.  


Its a museum owned by Andrea Hirarta.  The writtervof "LASKAR PELANGI", the books of his life since his childhood in Belitung, especially East Belitung, the timah mining surrounding.  The book is not rewlly his true story of life, it mixed with his imagination.


Balok kingdom is the biggest kingdom in Belitung. The graves is open for public.  Ussually the people visiting the graves on the special day.

We found Tarsius too there.  Very small animal, which is very loyal to their couple.

If u like seafood very much then u should go to Belitung.  Its a paradise of seafood lover.  

If u need a tour guide or a guidance to go to Belitung, just call Robi, 081929642156 or 082380753401.  He was our tour guide.  He n his team gave us an excellent trip...  good job guys...