Senin, 03 November 2014

Just Sitting n Doing Nothing is a Pain

Its difficult to believe that i have 1 cyst and 2 myomas.  3 months didnt get a period that made me go to the doctor.  I went to YPK Mandiri Hospital - Menteng. 

The doctor just advised me to take it out.  it was taking 2 weeks to think about that.  Finally, i decided to do the surgery for next month.  Actually even i made the office activities as the reason to do the surgery next month, its just a way to give a time to b brave n strong for my self to do the surgery.

I have to checked in 1 day before the surgery day.  Wednesday, 29 October 2014 is the 1st time i check in the hospital.  I m 42 years old n thanks God i never had the sickness that has to stay at the hospital.  Its just like a dream.  It will b my 1st memory ever...

My insurance put me at the 2nd class of the room type.  A room for 2 persons.  No hospital has a comfortable atmosphere even its very very good hospital.

The day is coming.... Oct. 30, 2014.  Nurse woke me up at 04.00.  The surgery planned at 5.30.  I have to b ready at 5.00.  Nurse put the infusion on my left hand.  Then we went to 2nd floor on the wheel chair. 

I was only by myself in the recovery room.  So scared...  its my big day...  all will b different in the next 3 hours.  My body n my everything....  what would b happend in the next 1 hour?  Last 2 month i never though that i would have a surgery in my life.  Last 2 month i never though that i would stay at the hospital.  This is not my life planning...  this is not my year resolution.  I beleive that everything happened for something...  God has a plan for me...  n His plan is always good.  Everything will b good at the time.

Nurse informed that i have to wait for another 1 hour since the doctor has to help baby deliver now.  Thanks God so then i still can meet my mom n my younger brother...  i was just want to b holded n crying...

Finally...  its my time....  just b with me God....

I woke up fe hours at the recovery room.  Sweat...  it was so hot.  N there was few young mommy at the room.  My condition was very bad...  i had vertigo...  couldnt open my eyes...  when i tried then i got very bad headache.  They said its because the anesthetic.  I need to stay at the recovery room for the whole day.  16.00 they took me back to my room.
I just realized that my left hand with the infusion is getting big.  It wasnt good.  Nurse decided to take it out of my hand then.  But condition was getting worse.  My pain was very bad.  They tried to put the infusion to the other hand but they couldnt find my vein.  That night was the worse night i ever had....  I cried all night long.

I went home after 3 days.  I would back to check again 1 week later. 
The doctor gave me 1,5 months medical leave.  Just sitting down n doing nothing is a pain for me.  At 5th weeks i tried to pray as a normal person.  Then tried to drive my car again n walking every morning more far everyday.

After 1 month i was back to the doctor n got usg.  Alhamdulillah my wound size back to normal.  I should check again in 3 months later.

Now...i m waiting for my normal life.  I will back to the office in few days later.
Thanks a lot for my mom, my sisters n brothers n off course my friends. 
All that happened realizing me how nice my friends r, showing me who is my real friends...  they r the one who supporting n taking care of me.

Thanks God...  I know that my sickness is the way to reminder me how much U love me...  All that happened is your plan...  Life is short but beautiful.  Everything will b good at the right time....

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