Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

Sus Karim

Suzuki Karimun, that's my car.  I called her SUS KARIM.  That's her ID wherever she go.  Her ID at the Karimun Club Indonesia n for all my friend.  She is my 1st car.  I bough them with very hard working.  Cent by cent with many sweat.  I love her so much that's why i m always making her very healthy.  

10 years she is always be with me.  In sadness n happiness.  The best place for me to scream n to cry.  She is my castle.

10 years is the time to release her. She made me tired with her problem.

18 August 2014, finally she left me.  I never know when will see her again.  But she is always in my heart, my mind.  She wrote many sweet times of my book life.  I will always remember her forever in my life.  I LOVE U with all my heart even u just a car...  even u dont have a spirit...  See ya Sus Karim...  Just hoping that oneday i will see u again with someone who will love u as much as i do....

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