Senin, 21 April 2014

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Its one place that u should visit when u go to Bangkok.  But reaching that place is not as easy that we though.  Since most of Bangkok people cannot speak English so then its not easy to find someone who can help us regarding the direction.

We went there by the boat of Chao River Phraya.  We were taking local boat not a tourism boat.  So we have to pay attention the number of the port.  The problem is the port number is very small...fffiiiuuhhh...  

We walked passing the market to reach the Palace.  Mostly their sell Thai meals.  Very crowded.  

Please pay attention of what u r wearing.  U have to wear pants or dress longer than your knee or they will ask u to use their dress with 100bath guarantee.  N dont forget to wear your shoe not a sandals...

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