Kamis, 10 April 2014

Floating Market, Pattaya

U should go to the floating market in Bangkok.  I just knew that even in Bangkok or Pattaya u can find a floating market.  But usually floating market held only on the week-end in every town.  

We were going to Pattaya Floating Market.  The shop r on the river but we were not shopping by the boat.  That's another thing that we should know about the Floating Market.  R we shopping along the river by the boat of the store r on the river?

Its quite hard to get there.  We were going to this place after visiting Mini Siam.  The girl at the counter said that the Floating Market is about 5-7 km from Mini Siam n on the same site.  There is no big sign on the street, so u have to pay attention to see the sign of the Floating Market.  Fffiiuuhhh...



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