Kamis, 10 April 2014

Bangkok & Pattaya

Buy 1 get 1 free Tiger Aiways ticket, that's why the we went to Bangkok this month.  Took 4 hours flying the we landed at Suvarnabhumi Aiport. 

We heard that the airport is so big n nice n the immigration had a really really long queue.  There r so many counters but i dont know why the queue is so long.  It was taking more than 1 hour to get the immigration stamp.  Ffffiiuuhhh...  Flying 4 hours without having any meals then queuing for more than 1 hours for immigration check...  What a complete day...

1st we were looking for a meals.  Actually there were a canteen at the basement of the airport but we just knew that when we were buying car's ticket to Pattayya.
1 of the purpose we went to Pattaya was watching lady boy's performance at Al Cazar.  The performance was not really good.  So it is not a priority when u go to Pattaya.

One think that we should realize that there's only few person speaking or understanding English.  N sometimes very difficult to understand their English.

Many kind of transportation u can find in Bangkok.  Bus, MRT, Train, Tuk Tuk, Boat n Taxi.  We prefer to take a train to go anywhere because its fast, on time n comfort.  If u have a plan to go anywhere by train on the same day u should buy One Day Pass n if u stay in Bangkok for a long time, they have Pass Ticket for more than 1 day too but i cant remember for how many days...

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