Rabu, 27 Mei 2015

Sendratari Ramayana, Jogjakarta

Watching Ramayana performance on the stage with Prambanan Temple as a background is one of my dreams.  I heard that the performance is great. 

We bough performance ticket including the return transportation from the hotel.  The additional cost is only idr 50.000 for transportation.

We were buying 2nd class for the ticket n we were sorry for that because we were sitting little bit left.  We should buy 1st class.  N i was really stupid not bringing my SLR Camera.  Aaaarrrggghhh.....

We forgot to pick the story paper on the entry gate, but the MC told about the summary, so u dont have to b panic then.  But even u dont understand the story u wont b sorry coz the performance is really great.  U should watch it....

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