Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

Danar Hadi Museum, Solo

Its a batik museum.  Everyone who like batik should come to the museum.  Its a private museum.  That's why we cannot take a pictures inside the museum.  But we enjoyed the history of the batik n around the museum, seeing every kind of batik.  

After buying the ticket then we were waiting for our guide.  We couldnt go inside by ourself.  Guide will tell us everything inside the museum.  The time of the group should have a spare time too, to avoid the crowded sounds.

The museum is 1,4 ha.  So big....  It will takes about 1 hour to go around till end of the tour.  At the last of the tour we could see they r painting a batik with malam n batik stamp.  At this session we could take a picture.

At the end of the tour we will go inside the shop.  I heard that the price in this store is cheaper than Jakarta's store.

 Trust me...  u will like the museum...  It was amazing to see many kind of Batik.  They r so beautiful....  I love Batik....  n If u love Batik then u should come here...


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