Selasa, 03 Februari 2015

Annual Water Flood, Jakarta

Yeah..  It seems like the annual event that u should attend every year.  Several years ago the big water flood only came in every 5 years.  But since 2012 the flood is becoming an annual event for Jakarta's people.

Last 2 years, 2013 n 2014 the flood came at the same date, 17 January.  But in 2015, we passed 17 January safely.  Flood came few days later, 23 January 2015.  

It was Friday, but not 13th.  It was 23th.  There was a big rains since the day before.  Very early warning we got warning that we should not go to the office because there was a flood surrounding the building.  Up to 10.00 am, finally we had the announcement that we should work at home because the flood is getting worse.  Hhhhuuummm... what do u think about that?  Is it a holiday or disaster?

The BMKG prediction said the big rains will happen around 2 weeks before Chinesse New Year.  It means 3 - 5 February 2015.  Just hoping that there will no big damage happen on this time.

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