Senin, 16 Februari 2015

2nd Time Having Water Flood

Fffiiuuuhhh...  its our 2nd time for us to do the work from home.  It was worse than the 1st one.  The flood was coming in the lobby...  Whhhoooaaa....  thanks to the management that was informing us at the soonest so then we were not stuck at the office.

N it was taking 3 days to make all the water gone from all the area. 

At the 2nd day i got a calling from my Australian n Indian friend.  They heard n saw from the television that Jakarta have very blood flood.  N they were curious bout that.  U r so kind guys...  thanks for the attention. 

We r hoping that Jakarta's Governoor to find the solution of the flood.  We cant b like this every year.  Please... please dont make the flood as the Jakarta's annual agenda.
Office Area

Surrounding the office - Sunter area

Kelapa Gading area

I didnt take those pictures by myself.  I got from my friends.  Thanks guys for sharing the pictures.

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