Kamis, 29 Januari 2015

Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Ming City is the capital city of Vietnam.  This is the city of our trip.  We stayed at the backpacker area.  Its not difficult to go around the city.  Its very nice to take a walk around the city.  The map was very clear.  There r some place that we visited there:

Reunification Palace

The building that used to be the President palace.  U still can find the radio and all the things that they were using on their war on the basement.  Is little bit spooky on the basement actually.  N u can find the cop on the roof too.

Notre Dame Chatedral

Just by walking then we found Notre Dame Chatedral.  The big church that have to see while u r going to Ho Chi Ming City.  

Central Post Office

Then we were continuing walking...  Here we are... Post Office....  The other place that u have to visit while u r going to Ho Chi Ming City.  U can buy some souvenir too here.  I think the quality of the souvenir is better than at the Market.

City Hall

Even the sun was very hot but there was no other way to go around the city.  Just by walking, even we were very sweat and tired.  Coz we didnt know how good is ojeg n taxi there.

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