Jumat, 16 Mei 2014

Where to go in Cirebon

Its just a week end trip. We were curious about Trusmi Batik in Cirebon. Thats why then we decided to buy return ticket to Cirebon on Saturday morning n back to Jakarta on Sunday morning.

We left Jakarta, at 6.00 am n only takes 3 hours we r in Cirebon.  

After check in at Amaris Hotel, we took becak to Keraton Kasepuhan n Taman Gua Sunyaranggi.  We were taking becak to both of the place.  The hotel security helped asvto bargain the price.  We couldnt choose the becak coz they r already in queue.

At the Keraton, we had a guide to explain all about the Keraton.  We were quite satisfied with his 

The King family still living at Keraton, thats why its clean n maintenanced good.  

They have few museums which has "Kereta Kencana" n many tool of ancient things including a painting which is come from dreaming idea face.

As usual, in front of the Keraton there always b a Mosque, big Hall and Marekt.  But here, the market moved to another place.  We just passing the Mosque

Then continue riding becak, we went to Taman Gua Sunyaranggi.  Its a park with the cave stones.  The ticket staff said that this is the park where the sons n daughters of the King learning anything.

Finally, by the public transportation, we went to Trusmi.  The Batik village.  Remember that the good one is "Batik Nova".  The location is at the back n the collection is better than others with the reasonable price too...

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