Jumat, 16 Mei 2014

Finally...i saw Lampung

So many times i've been thinking to go to Lampung but so many things happened that canceling my trip.

This is another week-end trip.  We left for Lampung at Thursday night by car to Merak Harbour at 11.00 pm starting from Pondok Labu.  We were not lucky to join the ship when we just arrived Merak. Actually its quite difficult to find the direction in Merak.  We got many wrong queue to go inside the ship.

It was taking 5 hours from buying the ticket till arrived in Bakauheni.  Fffiiuuuhh...  Thanks God there's a Business Class on the sip.  Its AC n have a movie.  We just have to pay IDR 8.000.  Just sit there first then the crew will collect your money.

We just have Friday night and Saturday for sight seeing Lampung.  So we decided to have night city tour at Friday night.  Not much we could see at night especially Lampung is in electricity crisis.  Almost everyday they have electricity off.  Different time for every part of area.

At Saturday we decided to go to Way Kambas.  GPS said that its around 98 km's from Lampung n will take around 2 hours there.  But in fact, its so long time n distance to go there...  Even there's no traffic but it was taking around 3 hours to get there...  Fffiiuuhh...

Way Kambas is the Elephant School.  They trained to dance, to b friendly with human n to play football.  They r very big Elephant...  n many.  Wow....  It seems that they just built the cottage there.  Since its already getting dark, the crew is going to take a rest, we didnt have a chance to ask them...


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