Selasa, 28 Mei 2013

Bali.... for a few times...

I never been bored going to Bali...  Bali is just like my 2nd home.  I have sadness n happiness in Bali. 

Everyday is a holiday in Bali.  I never been bored going to Bali. 

This time, me n 2 of my friends just going around to a few places.

-  Tanah Lot

We are not lucky this time.  The weather wasnt friendly with us.  So windy n so dark.  The sun hiding behind the cloud.  No sunset...  Hhhiikkksss...

-  Garuda Wisnu Kencana - GWK

There's nothing change since the last time i came here few years ago...  Hhhhiikksss...  Just wishing they will finish the statue at soon as possible.

-  Dreamland

This beach is so clean with the white sand.  So beautiful.  It was very hot n the visitor were not much....  U can see the gradation of the sea...  Speechless...

-  Uluwatu

Thanks God the monkey wasnt so wild, so then we could go around with no worries...

-  Kuta Beach

Dont ever say u have been to Bali if u never been to Kuta.  Usually Kuta is the sunset spot but today the weather hasnt be friendly with us yet...  Hhhhiikksss....

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